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Is it possible to get “real” and effective acupuncture treatment outside of China?

Real Acupuncture Santa MonicaThe short answer to this question is: Yes!  To get world-class acupuncture knowledge it is important to find a practitioner that has studied around the world – this practitioner is Eric Schmidt, LAc. Now acting as the director of his clinic located in Santa Monica, Eric has returned from extensive travels in China to apply this traditional acupuncture system to modern conditions.  His 4 months of intensive study in China sets him apart from other practitioners in California.  Studying with TCM Doctors in China, Eric was able to master the full scope of modern Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine applications in a busy clinical setting.  As you may imagine, with this kind of experience, the results are truly amazing.

What is acupuncture?

services-acupuncture-los-angelesAcupuncture is part of a complete medicine system and backed by more than two thousand years of practice and research.  As a safe and effective method, it is used through out the world both as a primary and adjunct treatment for a range of health conditions. While there are standard treatment points used for many conditions, the effectiveness of acupuncture is related (at least in part) to the complete range of signs and symptoms which are taken into account. For example, a condition such as asthma effecting the lungs, an acupuncturist may look at your tongue, take your pulse, and the proceed to ask about your diet and lifestyle.  In addition, it is quite common for an acupuncturist to palpate the spine or abdomen. This diagnostic information enables acupuncture practitioners to develop a treatment strategy that is unique to both the individual and the health condition.

There are a variety of acupuncture systems and techniques that can be employed to get the best results.  Some of these systems are drawn from traditional Chinese family systems, such as Master Tung Style Acupuncture.  Other systems are more modern and are based on anatomy, modern research and trigger points.  Two of these more modern systems are called Trigger Point Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling.

What conditions can Acupuncture treat effectively?

Acupuncturists are well qualified to treat a variety of health conditions, from shoulder pain to insomnia to chronic headaches. For a complete listing of uses have a look at our conditions treated page.  Based on the condition treated, electro-acupuncture or other treatment modalities my also be used to be the most effective results.

What will my first Acupuncture treatment be like?

Most often, people find acupuncture to be an very relaxing experience.  This is the case even for those who have some initial hesitation about needles.  In general the first office visit and treatment involves quite a bit of discussion, as the practitioner gathers a wealth of information to clearly understand and diagnose health conditions from both a Western and Oriental medicine viewpoint.  The acupuncture itself may be limited during the first visit so you can become accustomed to the experience and see how you respond.

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