Electro-Acupuncture (ElectroAcupuncture)

Electro-Acupuncture is an effective treatment or Back Pain, Knee Pain and More. Similar to traditional acupuncture, Electroacupuncture uses the same points, however the points are stimulated with a low electrical current during treatment.  After acupuncture needles are inserted on specific points, the needles are connected to a device that generates continuous but very low electric current using wires and small clips. Electro-acupuncture devices are used to modulate the frequency and strength of the current being used, depending on the condition being treated.  In order to complete the electrical circuit, electroacupuncture uses two needles at time and the current passes from one needle to the other and through the surrounding tissue.  More than one pair of needles can be connected simultaneously, and treatment is usually given for about 20-30 minutes duration.

Electroacupuncture has a few advantages over basic acupuncture.  One advantage is that a practitioner does not have to stimulate the needles after insertion. This is because the current applied to the needles stimulates the area continuously. Another advantage is that electroacupuncture can be employed without using needles with a technique called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS.

Electroacupuncture has been studied extensively for a variety of conditions. It has been proven to have pain relieving effects for muscle spasms.  There also scientific proof of effectiveness for treatment of various neurological disorders. Other studies have examined the role of electroacupuncture in treating skin conditions such as acne, kidney pain, and nausea caused by medications or pregnancy. Additionally, there is evidence that electrical stimulation of acupuncture points activates the endorphin system, which could lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease.

For obvious reasons, Electroacupuncture, is a more recent technique compared with traditional acupuncture.  Modern electroacupuncture was developed in China around 1958, when acupuncturists began using it to improve their pain relief methods.  Today, electroacupuncture is an increasingly popular form of treatment, and is used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for a wide array of conditions.

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