Back Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

Chronic & acute back pain can be reversed and eliminated when provided the proper care and appropriate treatment.  Acupuncture therapy can help to break the inflammation and “pain cycle” by bringing better blood flow to the area and creating a healing response in the body.  Often, people with chronic back pain have a subconscious stress pattern of tensing the back muscles which can reduce blood flow and keep the surrounding muscles in a state of constant spasm.  This pattern can continue for years unless it is treated with acupuncture and the proper exercises to reprogram the nervous and muscular system.

Lower back pain is the most commonly seen condition at our clinic and includes symptoms such as:

  • Sharp pain sensations in the back muscles or along the spine
  • Sciatic nerve radiation down the buttocks or legs
  • Discomfort or weakness in one or both sides of the lumbar or buttock regions
  • Difficultly and pain when bending the spine forward or flexing backwards

Lower back problems effect up to 70% of the human population, so if you are part of this 70%, consider acupuncture treatment as an important tool in your healing.

Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Low Back Pain – A Historical Perspective:

For thousands of years, people have been effected with back pain; And for thousands of years the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine has provided considerable relief or complete reversal of persistent back conditions.  Over 100 years ago, Sir William Osler (often called the father of modern medicine) said:

For lumbago (lower back pain) acupuncture is, in acute cases, the most efficient treatment.


How Acupuncture works (for various disorders including low back pain):

On a Western neurological level, we know that pain often is due the following conditions:

Based on presentation, each individual will have a personal evaluation and diagnosis at the time of treatment.  In most cases, an Eastern and Western diagnosis can be made based on orthopedic exams and inquiring about the history and onset.  Acupuncture needles are inserted to improve blood flow and reduce local and/or systemic inflammation.  As the body responds to acupuncture, the healing process is triggered and various tissues are put into a repair cycle (and taken out of an inflammation cycle).

In summary, acupuncture is very effective for low back pain and generally is the treatment of choice in both acute and chronic cases.

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  • Joe P

    Thanks for your care and treatment – my back pain has been gone for 6 months now! I’ve been recommending acupuncture and Meridian Health Clinic to my friends and family.

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