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Eric is outstanding. I went in terrible pain in my neck and shoulders from poor posture while using my laptop on the couch. It was extremely uncomfortable to move my head side to side.

After treatment, I immediately had my range of motion back and the pain was only about a quarter of what it was before treatment. The next day I was pretty much back at 100%.

I’m trying to be better about my posture, but if I ever have any other discomfort, Eric is definitely my top choice. I highly recommend him to anyone.

-Jeremy R.

I first came to Eric with pretty bad distance running related lateral knee pain. My IT band was acting up and nothing really worked, including rest, PT, and lots of foam rolling. The 2012 LA marathon was coming up, and I couldn’t run over 15 miles without pretty bad pain. This sounds absurd, but after one session with Eric (the week before the marathon) the IT band issue was pretty much resolved, and I ended up with a pain free PR. Since then I see Eric every few weeks or so for running tune ups. Shooting for my next PR in October, and I’m pretty confident that Eric will help get me there.

-Greg W.

I found Eric through yelp and am so glad i did! First off, I am a total idiot and didn’t know how to schedule an appointment online and accidentally missed my scheduled appointment. I felt horrible and thought that I might have agitated him and was prepared for an earful when I came in the next day. NOT AT ALL! He was so understanding and welcoming. I have never had acupuncture before and came in wanting to wean off my antidepressants.

We did a complete evaluation and he immediately knew what was bothering me based on my diet and lifestyle. The treatment was amazing. He was very tuned into how I was feeling and checked in with me often to see if I was comfortable. I was pretty nervous at first but he had such a calm energy it definitely helped relax me. He explained which needles did what and how they would affect me. He helped guide me through paying attention to my body sensations and was very thorough. I actually almost fell asleep towards the end and the fact that I had a bunch of needles on my body didn’t even register. I just felt so connected and grounded. He sent me a follow up email with nutritional advice and ways to improve my diet. I am going to start making some changes for sure!

I am definitely going to continue treatment with Eric and I am already seeing great results. I am very grateful that I found him, He truly is dedicated to his work. Thanks Eric!!

-Sara T.

Eric is simply brilliant. Not only is he incredible at what he does, as an acupuncturist and an expert in Chinese Medicine, but he is a fantastic person who makes it his mission to help you from the moment you meet him.
I felt at ease and comfortable from the first treatment on, and quite frankly, I’m not sure what I would do without him! Never in the medical field had I come across such a focused, knowledgeable, patient and personable individual.
Eric integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition to treat his patients holistically, and not just zero in on specific symptoms. He wants you to be truly healthy, not just free from pain/illness. He will answer every question you have, and his patience never ceases to amaze me.
Also…he is always fun to talk to, which makes things a lot easier if you, like me, are initially a little afraid of needles!
Need I say more?! After lots of searching and too many bad experiences, I’m just so thrilled to have found Eric and to never have to look elsewhere, again.

-Mrs. A. K.

I don’t even know where to begin.  I started seeing Eric in August after spending 9 months over seas.  I came home and realized that my hair was falling out at an alarming rate.  I went to see several doctors and specialist, including Eric.  I went through thousands of dollars of out of pocket lab fees, western meds, getting off then getting back on pills and lots of heart ache.  I saw so many doctors that didn’t really listen to me.  Just shuffling me through the queue.  I saw Eric after my boyfriend insisted that I try Eastern medical practices alongside the Western ones.

During my first visit with Eric, he asked me a million questions and listened closely as I complained.  He was patient and non judge mental.  I left there that day with what my boyfriend now calls my “magic potion”.  (Eric’s custom made Chinese Herbs).  We made lots of changes to my diet.  We had so many conversations where Eric educated me on nutrition and stress and ways to be healthy.

After my appointment, several times later in the evening I would check my inbox to find an email from Eric.  Sometimes it was more info on the topics we’d discussed that day.  Sometimes it was recommendations or suggestions on ways I could incorporate more nutritious ingredients into my diet.  He even returned my frantic emails while he was in Nepal working!   I am incredibly amazed by Eric’s work ethic every time.  He is always professional but has an uncanny ability to show his patients that he not only cares about his practice but about his patients and his ability to solve problems for his them.  I’ve never encountered someone in the medical field as dedicated as he is.

After several weeks, miraculously, my hair loss stopped as quickly as it came.  After 6 months of drastic hair loss and paranoid comb overs, my hair stopped falling out.  I give Eric 100% credit for helping me through it all.  I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that is looking for an alternative way to stay healthy and happy.  We are now working on my hair loss and my allergies simultaneously.

He is such a great Acupuncturist and adviser.  ERIC: thank you so much!  You are a great Acupuncturist and so much more!
PS: His office is open on the weekends so super easy to get in and out.

-Mrs. Diana H.

Two words: life changing. I’m so grateful to have found Eric and The Meridian Health Clinic. Eric doesn’t want you coming back again and again. He wants you to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle to rid you of your mind and body problems. Hands down coming to see him is the best part of my week. You leave feeling alive, awake, relaxed, and at peace. Once I came in with the worst cold, he did some treatments and gave me some herbs. By the end of the day I was completely rejuvenated and my cold was miraculously gone.  He is incredible. He is so well educated and knows so much about the human anatomy and how your body functions.  I suffer from eczema and allergies and it turns out I’ve been eating things I’m allergic to my whole life which has caused me to react to different things like cats an dust. He’s amazing. I know Acupuncture is foreign and unusual to us western snobs. We love our NyQuil, Advil, and pills but they don’t actually cure us but mask our illness. If you want any real results you’ll have to face the facts and see Eric. Within your first visit he will be able to figure out your own unique issues and solutions. I refer all of my friends to him and have turned skeptics into believers. Screw western medicine it’s all about amazing eastern healing!

-Ms. Mackenzie B.

Only if all healthcare providers were like Eric!  Seriously…it’s such a relief to finally find someone that really cares about his patients and truly enjoys what he does. He’s very smart, very skilled and very patient… and very fun to talk to, which is always a plus!  All of my million questions (…trust me, I have plenty of questions) are addressed at each appointment or via email, and I never feel rushed during my visits. The treatments are super relaxing and I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in.

I’ve been suffering with severe eczema since childhood, and I’ve seen multiple dermatologists & allergists in the past. They would prescribe topical steroid creams or oral immunosuppressants, but these drugs would only provide temporary relief and my symptoms would come back with a vengeance, not to mention all the side effects that came with them. All the derms would be at a loss when the steroids weren’t working…they’d scratch their head and just prescribe another or pass me along to the next guy. Ugh… so after all these years of feeling like a science project specimen, I wanted to find someone that would be able to address the root cause with a holistic approach and therefore started my search for an acupuncturist.

In addition to all the rave reviews, the very informative Meridian website pulled at my heartstrings. He specifically addresses skin conditions and explains how they are treated in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now, after 6 treatments and some tasty custom blend Chinese herbs, I’m able to sleep without the severe itching that used to keep me awake at night. Hooray!! The texture of my skin has changed overall as well, which I noticed just after my second week!  The general guidance and support that Eric has also provided me with is beyond what I expected to get when I came in seeking eczema treatment. It’s honestly been such a treat to be under the care of Mr. Schmidt!! 🙂

-Mrs. Chieko K.

Eric is a gifted and intuitive healer.  After just one session, he really got my chi flowing again and released some old stagnation.  He is a great listener to not only what you tell him, but to how your body reacts to the treatment.  Plus his herbal mixes are imbued with loads of healing energy.
He’s great with the needles and though they make me nervous, I hardly felt them at all.  His explanation of what I am “supposed” to be feeling made it much easier to relax since I knew what to expect.
Can’t wait for my next session!

-Mrs. Hannah C.

It is hard for me to know where to begin this review, Eric has completely changed my life!  I knew nothing about acupuncture or Chinese medicine before I first went to see Eric, now I’m a fanatic, telling everyone I know!
Eric is what I have always hoped for in a medical professional but NEVER before received – someone who actually listens and cares about a patient as a whole person. Eric is extremely patient and never dismissive, he answers all my questions and listens to all my concerns. After years of dealing with rude, condescending doctors this feels like a MIRACLE.
I went in for headaches that I’ve suffered with daily for more than five years, and now they’re almost gone with my migraines completely gone. I used to go from doctor to doctor trying to solve this and had given up for a while before I found Eric. He also helped with some other problems and has made me much more aware of my health and body on the whole.
If you are struggling with any kind of health problem and are confused about who to see, start here. I went to see Eric initially because I made a decision to finally tackle my headaches after years of suffering. I was dreading a long road of many different kinds of treatments, but I’m amazed to report that wasn’t the case. Eric is smart, compassionate, and incredibly skilled at what he does. Go see him!

-Mrs. Laura R.

Meridian Health Clinic is amazing! I have been working with Eric for a little over a month now, working to resolve several longstanding skin concerns.  I have gone to many alternative health care practitioners throughout my life and find Eric to be completely professional, immensely skilled, and impressively knowledgeable and wise – he listens closely not only to his clients, but to his intuition, which is exceptional.  His treatments and prescriptions are entirely customized, and there is no doubt that his goal is to get you healthy as quickly as possible.  I feel supremely confident in his care.

-Mrs. Rebecca E.

I was lucky to understand what peace feels like when I first spoke with Eric.  Very calm and collected, he put aside his ego and gave me his time to assess what was wrong.  He spent many hours helping me without concern for anything in return.  He prescribed herbs and helped me feel very comfortable doing acupuncture when i was uncomfortable about it.
He’s real (genuine) and not interested in selling any fancy ideas.  He is interested in helping you get to the real you.  Personally, I find his spirit and passion worth experiencing and I honor him as a practitioner and friend.

-Mrs. Honey E.

After years of dealing with debilitating headaches, I finally have some relief!  I heard about Eric and his clinic from a friend who mentioned that he knew an acupuncturist who specialized in the treatment of headaches and body pain.  After 2 treatments, my headaches went from almost daily episodes to only having 1 a week.  After 4 acupuncture treatments and taking some herbal powder I am living headache-free!  That Chinese medicine stuff really works!
I highly recommend Eric as an acupuncturist – He is very knowledgeable and professional…  and no, acupuncture does not “hurt”.  Typically, the treatments I had were very relaxing, I actually enjoyed it.  After a treatment I always felt like I had full-body massage but without the massage part.  Highly recommended, Thank You Meridian Health Clinic!

-Mr. Jason L.

After suffering with several debilitating chronic conditions, Mr. Schmidt was extremely instrumental in the recovery and overall well being I now enjoy. What I most appreciate about his care is that when he doesn’t have the answers, he points me in the right direction. He is willing to adjust his acupuncture technique to suit each client from the virtually painless Japanese style to the more rigorous Chinese approach.
In addition, he is a most efficient and apt herbalist. His genuine commitment and dedication to the practice of Chinese medicine makes him an excellent choice and I highly recommend him.
Bonus: my highly skeptical husband has benefited from his recommendations too.

-Mr. and Mrs. J. E. K.

I have known Eric since 1999.  He is a talented professional who has always been passionate about health, nutrition and Eastern medicine, so I am not surprised his clinical results are excellent as well.
I played a lot of volleyball in the summer of 2009, and my right shoulder had not been 100% due to soreness and possible tendonitis.  When Eric gave me an acupuncture and cupping treatment, first conducted a thorough assessment of my medical history and current health issues.  Next, he took the time to explain how my symptoms correlate to TCM patterns, and how he would customize his treatment for me.
The treatment was excellent.  The acupuncture left me feeling very relaxed, as if I had just gotten a massage.  Although the cupping left some temporary marks, which Eric said is normal, the spots disappeared in a few days and my shoulder felt great.  Finally, Eric prescribed a custom mix of TCM herbal powders to help my extremely dry skin.
Overall, working with Eric has been a very positive experience for me.  If he can provide others with even half the care he provided me, he will have many, many satisfied patients.

-Par V.


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