Qigong or Qi Gong (also Chi Kung)

Qigong (or “chi kung”) is a traditional Chinese practice designed to promote health and longevity.  Qigong exercise combine 3 basic components:

  1. Focused Intention
  2. Timed Breathing
  3. Slow Movements

This combination, when put into daily practice, is said to improve vitality and encourage the flow of qi in the body.  As a result of increased qi flow, the nervous system relaxes and the physical body is better able to heal.  Good for all ages, Qigong is a low-impact exercise method.  As such, qigong can improve health without putting excess strain on joints, muscles or ligaments.  Basically, qigong is both movement and meditation combined – perhaps similar to yoga in some ways but different in its core principles.

Almost anyone can practice qigong, but it is sometimes necessary to modify the movements to match each person’s physical abilities. Because of its versatility, Qigong is a great exercise for people with joint conditions, muscle weakness or other problems such as arthritis or gout.  In fact, qigong can even be practiced seated or lying down.

One branch of Medical Qigong (also called External Qigong), is used to help heal others. It is one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine, in which practitioners use their internal qi to heal others. A medical qigong practitioner transfers qi to the patient in order to re-balance the qi energy and heal the body. Medical qigong is practiced this way in many Chinese hospitals. It is often used alongside Western medicine.

There are a variety of qigong classes in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  Our favorite class is:

Donation Based Qigong Class with Eric Schmidt, LAc – Teaching a style developed by Qigong Master Suzanne Friedman, this Medical Qigong style promotes strength, relaxation, healing and personal development through physical and energy-based exercises.  These exercises consist of gentle movements and standing meditations. During Medical Qigong classes participants circulate energy through the organs and the Chinese acupuncture meridian system to boost energy levels and cultivate optimal health.

Below is a video of Master Suzanne Friedman, LAc, DMQ (China) performing the 8 Brocades Qigong form:


Lastly, acupuncture treatment is a great complement to Qigong practice. Get started with a acupuncture treatment today:

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