Gliding Cupping, Oil Cupping

A more advanced form of cupping is called “gliding cupping” or “moving cupping” or sometimes “oil cupping.  Like standard “fire cupping” this method is an effective method to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow to painful areas.  This method feels more intense and is especially helpful when applied to the neck and shoulder areas.  Long hours on the computer is a common cause of neck and back pain and cupping is a great method to provide immediate relaxation and relief.

To achieve the better results for muscular pain and tension oil can be applied to the skin so the cups can be moved without lifting them.  This method is often called “gliding cupping”. Using the oil as a base, the cups are moved along specific muscle fibers to strongly clear out any areas where muscles are tense or blood is not circulating evenly. Although this method is very effective, the sensation can be a bit too intense for some people.  This is because as the cups are moved they pull on the surrounding skin and may create a strong sensation.  Because of this, the first cupping session is done with the basic fire cupping method.

Many clinics do not use the oil-cupping method and therefore do not get the best possible results.  At Meridian Health Clinic, we get truly exceptional results when using cupping to relieve muscle tension and pain.

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