Los Angeles Acupuncture & Local Culture

With a population of over 16 million, Los Angeles is California’s iconic city.  It’s the city where Hollywood stars, high rollers, traffic jams and West coast culture meet the Pacific Ocean.  Included in the area we have the Santa Monica Mountain vistas, smog and plenty of sun. After spending some time in the LA area, people often come to realize that there is no “true LA”, instead there are 100’s of sub-cities and neighborhoods that have grown together as the Southern California landscape developed.

Though it is surrounded by beautiful beaches and steeped in drama (both the fictional and the true), downtown Los Angeles proper is quite average. A lineup of non-specific skyscrapers and the regular 9-5 business crowd makes for less of a tourist attraction.  More interesting residential neighborhoods such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and the Financial District are worth a visit.

Los Angeles is a central hub for top quality medical care.  There are a many of the best acupuncturists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals that stand as the best in the world.  At Meridian Health Clinic, our amazing Yelp reviews show that we are consistently the top rated Acupuncture clinic in Santa Monica for 3 years running!

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