Weight Loss and Dietary Plans with Acupuncture

The human body cannot be starved into weight loss.  It is time to throw out the old mantra of “eat less, exercise more” as this approach only works long-term for about 5% of the population. To promote weight loss we provide a plan that focuses on satisfying, nutrient-dense foods along with acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to improve results.

Based on current research, it has been shown that the body will try to return to a programmed “set point”.  After a period of lower calorie intake the body will automatically try to go back to the set point.  In our holistic viewpoint, we encourage moderate but consistent weight loss to reprogram this set point.

In our custom weight loss lifestyle plan, this goal achieved through multiple ways:

  1. Using acupuncture to reduce the high cortisol stress response and improve the body’s ability to detoxify.
  2. Herbal Medicine to improve the digestive and elimination pathways.
  3. A diet that includes the right foods, not less food.
  4. A moderate exercise plan that includes smarter exercises, not just more time doing repetitive cardio.
  5. Stress reduction techniques that put the body in a “safe place” to lose the extra weight.

Our Treatment Plan:

Our basic weight loss plan runs in a 8 week cycle.  However, the number of acupuncture treatments recommended depends on the weight loss goals.  For the average patient who wants to lose between 10 to 20 pounds, one treatment every week is advised for a complete 8 week cycle.  After a cycle has been completed then we will re-asses the weight loss goals and progress.

Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Changes

Our weight loss program includes ample nutritional counseling.  Included is a moderate exercise plan that will be customized based on needs and goals. With our recommended diet program, the you can avoid constant pattern to lose weight and then regain it.

In addition, we recommend various stress reduction methods that may include breathing exercises, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation or biofeedback. And since the goal of a weight program is not only weight loss but the maintenance of that loss, an exercise program that the patient likes is the best one to choose.

Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss:

Results are even more rapid when combined with an herbal formula.  An individualized formula is important because each person has a different metabolism and needs.   In addition to herbs, recommendations will include vitamins, minerals and other basic supplements. These supplements will support the diet program and give the body additional strength, energy to maintain the healthy life style.

Well-trained, highly-skilled practitioners are the key to success at Meridian Health Clinic. Eric Schmidt, L.Ac. has worked for years in the field and has completed extensive training in the Digestive Department of a Chinese Medicine University in China. He has treated weight loss cases with great success where conventional programs failed to provide a solution.

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