Tendonitis and Bursitis Treatment with Acupuncture

Tendonitis is the name given to inflammation of one or more tendons.  Tendons are the fibrous tissue that attach a muscle to a bone.  This condition is often seen coexisting with tenosynovitis, which is inflammation in the tendon sheath lining.  Basic symptoms of this condition include:

  • Pain and/or tenderness close to a joint, and generally worse with movement of the joint;
  • Tendonitis may have swelling and stiffness in the local area and in some cases there is also numbness and tingling.
  • The most commonly affected joints are the elbow (tennis and golfers elbow), the shoulder, the wrist and hand and the heel (including Achilles tendonitis).

Tendonitis inflammation may result from repeated trauma, excessive straining or overuse syndrome of the tendon.  Repetitive strain tendonitis in the shoulder and elbow are most often work-related, for instance office workers, hair dressers, musicians, and massage therapists are often afflicted with this type of overuse injury.

Acupuncture is the preferred treatment for tendonitis, as it yields excellent results in both acute and chronic cases.  Often, acute cases are resolved in a few treatments.  Chronic tendonitis cases can be treated with good results as well, a full healing may take a bit longer.  In addition Chinese herbal medicine can reduce the inflammation in connective tissues and strengthen the related tendons.

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