Melasma (Chloasma) and Facial Hyperpigmentation

Our acupuncture clinic specializes in treating and resolving chronic skin conditions including the hyperpigmentation condition called melasma (also known as Chloasma Faciei or Mask of Pregnancy). Melasma can be triggered by sun exposure but it’s also seen during and after pregnancy, in women taking estrogen supplements and occasionally related to birth control pills.

We provide effective and lasting solutions, using proven and methods to bring your skin and hormonal system back to full health. While superficial treatments can give only temporary results, our methods produce lasting results because they target the root cause of the condition.  Usually, melasma is a result of hormonal imbalance that starts after pregnancy, after estrogen supplementation, or after a long period of stress (with underlying blood sugar dysregulation).

Traditional Chinese Medicine creates change from within the body, rebalancing hormones and improving blood sugar sensitivity.  When the hormonal and digestive processes are functioning optimally, the skin will look healthy and melasma will resolve naturally. Our well-trained, highly-skilled practitioners are the key to success at Meridian Health Clinic.

Our Treatment Plan:
Individualized treatments plan focus on balancing your body system from inside and controlling the symptoms from outside to improve you skin naturally, without unwanted side-effects.
1. Healing from inside: Chinese Herbal Medicine is prescribed to balance the hormonal system and nourish the skin to clear darkened patches on the skin.  Herbal medicine is generally given in powder form so that it is convenient to take yet very effective. With a long tradition of effective use, Chinese herbal Medicine addresses the root of the hormonal imbalance.
2. Healing from inside – Part 2: Acupuncture is given 1-2 times each week to further balance the body and return your skin to its natural beauty faster.  This treatment method also addresses the root of the problem.
3. Control from outside: The consultation will include a discussion about products which can be used externally to help the healing process.  This treatment addresses the symptom of the problem.
4. Diet restriction: To avoid further aggravating your skin condition, you may need to eliminate certain foods which could upset blood sugar and hormonal balance inside your body. Some of these foods include wheat, sugar, alcohol, coffee, and dairy products.
5. Stress management: Lastly, we will work with you to develop a lifestyle plan to reduce your stress level and balance you life.  Generally the plan includes moderate exercise, breathing practices and advice on how to get better sleep and rest.
In most cases, you will see results in 1-4 months of consistent treatment. For moderate to severe cases, the treatment may take longer to have significant improvement.
If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine and how it approaches skin disorders, please read here.

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